Classic E B-sides

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On this page you’ll find normal hyperlinks to my tracks, for those who (for some reason) aren’t able to use the soundcloud players on my music page, but I prefer that you listen to the tracks using the soundcloud players, because it gives me statistics about how often the tracks are played, how many people “like” the tracks and there are “share” links their as well, plus you can “batch-download” albums right from the soundcloud player if you like. I also update my soundcloud files with background information about the tracks, etc. You also don’t need a soundcloud account to “like” or download the tracks either, which is great.

Classic E B-sidesThe Classic E B-sides album was finished on 20080105. The album slogan is “Classical + Electronica == true”. These songs can be downloaded for free on the music page, but it’s cool if you’d like to buy the album =) The sound quality in the commercial version is about twice as good as the free ones’. One song on the music page isn’t available in the commercial album due to creative commons licensing restrictions on samples i used. Another one is a remix of a MiksenMætsj song, so i didn’t commercialize it.

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Album photography by Victor Ngo


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